We try to keep things simple
The Townhouse Spa Fusion Venue Scholars Townhouse Hotel

We're here to solve your problems - we strive for simple but effective designs, tailored to meet your needs.

We specialise in dynamic websites that can be updated by you with very little website experience.

From conception through design we promise to make your experience a worthwhile one. We can even host your website for you (see "Hosting" above)

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Web Design

Your Business. Your Website. Your Way.

Your website, your way

We understand every business is different. We work closely with our customers to ensure they get exactly what they want in a website.

We generally come up with some basic draft ideas of layouts, colours etc, and then we give the client complete creative control if they want it, or they can choose from one of our designs. We then continue to create the site, allowing the client as much input as they want. All we need you to do to get your business onto the internet is to write some content for your pages.

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The Townhouse Spa

The Townhouse Spa

Static Website - A simple catalogue of the client's services.
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Augustinian Youth Ireland

Augustinian Youth Ireland

Dynamic Website - Articles, Galleries, many custom pages
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Scholars Townhouse Hotel

Scholars Townhouse Hotel

Dynamic Website - Staff have full control over the site's content.
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Fusion Venue

Fusion Venue

Static Website - galleries, forms and contact details.
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The sites above are just some of the work we have done lately. If you would like to request a quote, please click on the contact page above

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These days, applications are steadily moving from the desktop to 2 modern platforms:

  • The first one is Web Applications, giving you the power of the web's database servers combined with the portability and huge customer base of the web.
  • And the second is Native Applications for mobile devices. Most people have heard of the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace by now and are aware of the huge market therein.

Currently, we specialise in the following type of Apps:

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Hosting servers

We offer very competitive, stable hosting for all of our clients. Our Standard Package includes:

  • 300MB Storage (more than enough for most sites)
  • 5GB Tranfer per Month
  • Priced at only €60 / year (that's only €5 a month!)

Our U.S. Hosting Provider gives the following guarantees:

  • 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring - downtime and problems will always be minimised
  • Offsite Backups - your data is always safe
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Home or Small Office
PC & Networking

Computer Problems

Virus ? Blue Screen of Death ? Internet Problems ?

You name it, we can fix or install it. We provide PC & network support to local homes and businesses for very reasonable rates.

  • Diagnosis of home PC / laptop problem - FREE
  • Full backup and re-install of Home PC or laptop (in case of virus or similar issue)- €50
  • Install replacement hard drives or extra RAM (bought by you, but we can advise on what to get) in PC or laptop - €10
  • Install a new device - printer, mp3 player, etc - €10

We can setup your business network, add wireless access points, troubleshoot network / wi-fi problems. We provide many different I.T. services. Please contact us for details.

We can even provide some free advice over the phone (within limits, and after 6PM) that might solve your IT problems for you.

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Contact Us

Here are our contact details:

Primary Contact:
David Brennan